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Gravel Routes

We have designed several amazing gravel routes. These are some of our favourite ones!

A Spanish flat ride

60km and 300 altitude meters

With start and finish in Alaro this gravel tour is a typical Spanish flat ride. With only 300 altitude meters over 60km this ride is ideal for a great introduction into Mallorca gravel. A lot of different gravel but never too technical. Halfway we will have a coffee stop in the picturesque village of Pina.

The best Mallorca gravel

90km and 800 altitude meters

This 90km tour takes you over the best Mallorca gravel tracks. Its smooth, rocky, up and down. You will never get bored riding your gravel bike in this amazing scenery. There is a good mix of backroads and gravel. Start/finish in Alaro. Our coffee/lunch stop we have in a local restaurant in Montuiri. 

Salvador is watching you

47km and 500 altitude meters

Sanctuary of Sant Salvador is always watching you on this amazing and technical gravel ride. You start and finish in Felanitx and the tour circles around one of the popular climbs on the island. There is a lot of gravel to enjoy and many great single tracks which are sometimes challenging. A coffee/lunch stop is at the end of the ride in Felantitx

Roads like these

80km and 650 altitude meters

This route offers 80km of gravel pleasure. A good mix of backroads, single tracks, smooth gravel and hidden paths. Roads like these are all you need for a gravelicious day out. We start and finish in Alaro and for a good coffee stop we climb up to the village of Burger.

© 2022 by Gravel Biking Mallorca 

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© 2022 by Gravel Biking Mallorca 

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